Frequently Asked Questions

How should I install the software?

Click on the Download tab on the website, then on the Software page choose the PC or Mac version to download. You are prompted to Run or Save the installation programme. Click the run button if you wish to download and install the programme in one step, or click the save button if you prefer to save the setup file to your hard disc for installation at a later time.
Once the downloading process is completed successfully you may be prompted if you want to install the software. Click “Yes” to start the installation, or locate the installation file, and double click it if you have saved it to your hard drive first.

Mac users should double click file called Smiley_Hippo_Photobooks_Mac.dmg. Then just follow the instructions provided by the install program to complete the installation. The installation software will prompt you to specify a file path for your installation folder. Do not modify this unless you feel it is necessary and are sure you will remember where you placed the install files!

How can I remove the software?

PC removal

Our software can be removed from your computer as follows:
Windows 2000/XP/:
– Go to “Start” > “Control Panel”
– Select “Add or Remove Programs”
– Select the software you wish to remove and select “Uninstall” Windows Vista/ Vista/Win 7:
Mac Removal

Open your applications folder and locate the Smiley Hippo Phohotbooks folder. Select this folder and the move to trash

Cannot Create Application Support Directory:

The issue here is that the file path the software is looking for on your computer is not there. The best way we have found to overcome this is to create a new user account on your computer and download the software under that account.

What is the Maximum or Minimum number of photos per page?

There are no limits on the amount of photos you can have per page.

Can I add additional pages?

Yes, to add more pages to a project, either right click and then click add page, or in the tab called pages at the top of the screen, you can also add pages.

Can I add change the running order to my Photobook?

Yes, in the tab called pages at the top of the screen, you can also change the order to your Photobook.

What file formats does the software support?

The following file formats are compatible with the Smiley Hippo software: jpeg, jpg, png and tiff. Other file formats can be converted (prior to use) into one of the above formats, using image editing software such as Photoshop or other image editing software. The pictures can be RGB, sRGB, CMYK, greyscale or black and white.

Is my digital camera compatible with the software?

We recommend using the highest image quality setting when taking pictures with your digital camera, particularly if you intend using any of the A3 size items from our range of products. For the A3 items you should use 6 megapixel setting or above to avoid resolution warning messages.

Will the frame be printed if I dont place any text or photograph in it?

Image placeholders and text fields are not printed on the background if the frame does not contain a photograph or text. Additionally, the lines around the image placeholders and text fields will not be printed. – only if a border has been applied.

What is the running order of my Photobook?

All our Photobooks start with Page 1, this is a right hand page. Page 2 and 3 face each other followed by 4 and 5, 6 and 7 etc.Covers are shown complete, the front cover is on the right hand side, back cover on the left.

Can I create my own page templates?

You can create your own template but these will only work within the project you are currently working on.

Can I create my own Scrapbook or background items?

You can create your own Scrapbook and background items, these can be saved and used in any future projects.

What can I do about image resolution warning messages?

When I go to order my project, I see resolution warning messages in the flight check This message warns of images that are below the ideal recommended print resolution. The threshold for this warning message is 150 dpi. It is possible to continue on and ignore the warning; however the affected images may begin to lack sharpness, or produce a pixilated result when printed. You may want to use a picture from a camera phone, or a scan of an old picture where the resolution may not be very high. By all means include them in your project, however we are not in a position to guarantee the results.

What can I do about the Missing Images Warning?

This will occur if the original image location has been changed since the image was uploaded into the software or if the original image was on a removable storage disc that is no longer connected to the computer. If there are missing photos it will identify them when you open up the project. Click the button “Find Images”, highlight one of the missing images and select “Update”. You can then go to where the original photo is, highlight it and select it. It will now be re-linked. If other images are in the same folder it will often recognise this fact and ask if you wish to re-link all the other images. Continue to do this until all the images are linked.

Can I Preview my Photobook before ordering?

We recommend you complete a Preview of your Photobook before ordering. The preview is a very close representation of your printed Photobook. (Screen quality depending)
Internet Connection Issues

If no connection to the internet is made, i.e. you have not been connected to an internet page to create your account and continue with your order, please try the following: You need to set up a default Web Browser On PC Set to Internet Explorer – Tools – Internet Options – Programmes – Default Browser If you still cannot connect, you will need to look at your Pop up Blocker or any firewall setting you have which are not allowing you to connect to a web page from software. If you are trying to upload from a work place with built in firewalls or security the Smiley Hippo software will require access to PORT80 AND PORT21. Please note, Smiley Hippo do not support Proxy servers

When will I receive my product?

Your product will be dispatched in approximately 7 to 9 working days, from receipt of uploaded files. We also have an express options to obtain faster turnarounds.

I placed an order but I didnt receive a confirmation by e-mail. Why?

It may be possible that you entered an incorrect e-mail address. If you entered an incorrect or different e-mail address then the order confirmation e-mail will be sent to the wrong address. As this process is fully automated we cannot resend the e-mail. However, your order will be processed and shipped.

Do you offer a discount when I order 10 or more products?

If you wish to order 10 or more identical photobooks, please contact us by email:

Using Vouchers

If you are using a pre purchased voucher to order your product. Please ensure correct book type is chosen to match the voucher you have and all details are entered carefully. Click set to achieve the discount. Orders using vouchers are restricted to 1 copy. If more copies are required see below.

I would like to get another copy of my product. What should I do?

In order to print another copy of your product we need you to place a new order. Please do so by reopening your product in the software using the Open Existing Projects Button. Highlight the order in the list you want more of, click once. Then same screen bottom left click the Duplicate Project button. You will have to slightly re-name the new project. A duplicate copy will be created, you can then amend and order or just order another copy. This allows us process the new file and prevents any confusion with the previous order. You will also have to use this method is you wish to send additional items to different shipment addresses.

I just received my order, but something is wrong. What should I do?

When your product doesnt have the quality that you might expect, check your project file: were some of these errors in the original file you sent to us? You can check the file sent for printing by checking the album. In this case, there is not much we can do. The software is simply a design tool: it cannot make a quality book without your input and effort. However, if you believe that there were errors in the finished product that do not exist in your project file, please contact us by email. We will try to investigate what went wrong, determine if the error occurred during production, and try to find a satisfactory solution.
Please be aware, if errors have been made in our production to your order we will always reprint and re supply.

Can I make changes to my album after having placed my order?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to make changes after you have uploaded your album file. For this reason, it is imperative that you must check and double-check your album before making your order.

Forgotten User Name/Password?

If you have forgotten your Password but know your user name, please use the forgotten password feature in your account If you have forgotten your user name or user name and password, please contact customer services on 01603 256999 or email:

Can I cancel my order?

Once you’ve uploaded 
your order and completed the payment procedure, you’re order is automatically taken into production. It may not be possible to cancel your order at this point. Please contact us via email to see if you order has been processed. Not satisfied? Return your product to us and we will investigate the problem. If you experience difficulties with payment or ordering, please contact us via email: