Smiley Hippo Returns Policy (Compiled 8th May 2017)

Smiley Hippo will supply goods in accordance with the contract entered into at the time of purchase. Should any fault or defect be present when the item is received, such faults must be notified to Smiley Hippo. Contact the customer support team at within 28 days of receipt.

In the case of non-delivery, you must notify Smiley Hippo within 28 days of the products dispatch date. An email will be sent to each customer at the time of dispatch.

When reporting any issue please quote your unique Smiley Hippo order number and also attach a couple of photos to illustrate the issue in the event of a fault or defect.

Your issue will be investigated and you will be advised of our findings within 5 working days.

If an item is to be returned please return it in the original packaging provided and enclose a brief note explaining why the item is being returned that must include the Smiley Hippo order number. We will pay for the postage if we have requested the item be returned and the product is deemed defective.

The returns address is: Smiley Hippo Photobooks, 1 Hellesdon Park Road, Hellesdon Park Industrial Estate, Norwich, NR6 5DR.

Please note that only technical inadequacies, which were avoidable with the technology available is considered a defect, but does not include aspects of personal taste. Differences in colours between the images and the original image data are not a defect.

There is no defect if reduced quality is due to the poor quality (low resolution) of the original image data.

Any defects are rectified by corrections or replacements. Only if these corrections or replacements are unsatisfactory do you have the right to a discount or to a refund for the faulty product.